Give Life to your Shapes, Play with Colors!

PhysicDraw is a sandbox game developed with Multimedia Fusion 2.0 and made possible thanks to extensions developped in C/C++. At the beginning, this game was nothing more than a test tool to debug Fusion extensions using Chipmunk Physics, Box2D and a private one I was developing myself to dynamically draw Vector Shapes (extension brilliantly named « Vectorial Shape Object »).

The first version of the game has been released online in February 2008 and was very well welcomed by users. Many users enjoyed the game and came with many ideas and bug reports as well as very nice encouragements. I was very happy to develop this game and its associated extension.

The hard reality of life came and I wasn’t able to get enough time to continue working on this project. But who knows? Maybe a new version could come in the future…


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Story of mini Buzz

Some days after the release, a bi-monthly magazine decided to write an article about PhysicDraw. The article appeared in « Canard PC », a french bi-monthly magazine in March 2008.

After that, I was in contact with the CPC team and have considered working on the concept with more graphics that would have been created by the illustrator of the magazine… Unfortunately, my Job took most of my time and the project has been suspended.

[…] Gagnants de concours (motivés par les gains), artistes autogérés (qui masquent leur incompétence derrière un concept) ou cerveaux qui s’activent pour la beauté du geste (et un article dans nos pages ou ici), nous les estimons tous autant les uns que les autres, tels de turbulents enfants. Flavien Clermont […] entre a priori dans la troisième catégorie. Nous vous invitons donc à découvrir son jeu qui n’en est pas encore tout à fait un, PhysicDraw, lequel n’est pas sans rappeler Crayon Physics. À l’aide d’un marqueur, le logiciel vous permet de dessiner ce qu’il vous chante et de voir comment le résultat se comporte en fonction des lois de la physique. Chaque couleur est en effet assortie d’une propriété : bleu clair pour la légèreté extrême façon hélium, jaune pour la souplesse d’une corde […] [Translate]

Canard-PC n°166 - 01/03/2008

This video is a demonstration of the 3rd beta of PhysicDraw Sandbox Game.

It’s an original video « art » created by Adam (a user of the Clickteam Community) showing one of the many things you can do with the Magical Marker Colors (such as drawing a Balloon like in the vid or anything else like catapults, machines, cars, flying carpets, … ).

You can download the latest version of PhysicDraw on this page (look at the top).

Thanks Adam for this nice demo! 😉

Blank PaperDraw Catapults or anything else
Drawing a Rocket (red Color)Draw a Balloon?
Choose the color (Purple = Rotor)Export your paper in SVG
Draw Catapults or anything else
Draw a Balloon?
Export your paper in SVG